This Pandemic Has Affected My Style, How Bout You?

This Pandemic Has Affected My Style, How Bout You?
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Here Is How This Pandemic Affected My Style~

This pandemic really have changed a lot around the world, I missed dressing up for lectures, hangouts, church etc. These days all I do is change into my nightie and house clothes during the day. Repeat the routine on and on…

It will be a great relief to have the freedom of socializing with free spirit mind, not having fear of who or what you might come in contact with when one steps out!.

I really will be happy to have them back, even though most times I only go to lectures and come back to my lodge, then days when there’s no lecture. Indoors gat me all…

Things I do at the moment of this pandemic lock down are;

  1. Stay home: when everyone has gone to their various working place, I take care of the breakfast and dinner, plus every other household chores. That is because I am a student and school is not on session this period. Am in my final years but because of this lockdown I guess am going to have to do my final years twice.

  2. Networking: I’m socially active, so most of my free times not doing chores, I go online and browse through my blog, Pinterest and social media accounts. If you are following me there, you will see what am talking about. Also go through Udemy for courses that might be helpful in adding any skills I want to acquire.

3: Netflix and Napping: I share a Netflix account with my friend, so I see movies at will and nap anytime it hits me. I do not have napping time like most normal people do.

Basically those are the things that keeps me occupied this corona period. Wonder when it’s going to be okay! Like when is the end?

It is your turn now, let me know how this pandemic is affecting your style in the comments below.