Kim Amani is an holistic sex and relationship Coach who is a Vaginal weight lifter.

See video below,

Kim Anami, is best known for her mind-boggling ability to lift objects—surfboards and chandeliers are two—with her vagina. (She inserts a jade egg, which is fastened to a string attached to the item of choice.) But she doesn’t do it for the shock factor, though it certainly inspires some jaw dropping.

Anami, who’s online school offers salons such as Vaginal Kung Fu, Sexual Mastery for Men, and Coming Together for Couples, doesn’t think her vaginal prowess should be inconceivable.

In fact, all women can lift with their vagina and maintain a sky-high libidoand achieve multiple, g-spot-sourced orgasms.

Every Single Day…We got the scoop on Anami’s does what many consider the impossible (along with her famed 5 Laws of Orgasms).

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