Barbing is not only Male dominated profession as to every other profession….

Gift David as every other Youth from Surulere, Lagos Nigeria. Had the plans of furthering her education after attaining secondary school certificate, but had to look for work to enable her save money for it.

In the process of job hunting, she got a cleaning job which ends early before night falls. She decided to utilize that time by stopping at her Male friend’s barbing shop to wile away time instead of going home.

There Gift grew the interest to dare to do what is called the Male profession, considering hair cut can only be done by the Male gender.

Gift started her apprenticeship with the shop owner which took her a year and half to learn to cut customers hair.

“Many people started criticising and saying I won’t be able to this work, as it’s not women profession and I’m not going to last long, as I will leave the work soon”

“But with confidence I refused to give up. I continued learning and the more I work, the more Joy i derive doing it”

“As a girl, most guys won’t agree to let me have their hair cut but when they get to see my work, they give in to get their hair cut by me”

“When next they visit, they’ll want me to cut their hair”

Gift advice females out there to keep to their struggles.

“To all my fellow female barbers out there, let’s keep the hard work and the struggle in this male dominated profession and hopefully we will all meet at the top and in our little way,

we’ll empower women and make Nigeria and the world at large a better place”.

To check her Instagram page, visit @priceless_tha_barber

What are your weekend plans?

Mine: Decorating tomorrow, Service on Sunday…No much activities🤗



  1. MidasTouch Reply

    Wow….some lady!
    She just differentiated herself from so many lazy youths by partial integration with respect to the Circumstance….

  2. I love seeing ladies trying out new things. What a man can do a woman can equally do that too

    • Yeah! It is encouraging to others and oneself of not limiting our imaginations to just what we think is appropriate for a lady to do, but exploring our inner strength and creativity….

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