A High Court sitting in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city has ordered that popular Nigerian actress, Monalisa Chinda, be arrested for failing to pay income tax due for over a 6-year period.

It is reported that just like the case of the popular Super Eagles’ former footballer, Monalisa was said to have avoided showing up in court after several invitations issued in that regard.

Justice Adedayo Akintoye insisted that she must be apprehended in an order reportedly given on Monday, January 21, 2019.

“In a brief statement from the prosecutor, Y.APitan said that; “The defendant has been served with hearing notice. The proof of service is in the court’s file.”

Monalisa Chinda is alleged to be found wanting for her alleged refusal to perform her civic duty of paying her tax to the Lagos State government for her business located in Lekki on the Lagos Island.

The bench warrant to arrest the actress shall extend up until the month of April.


Naija News


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