After the postponement of Nigeria’s presidential election earlier Saturday morning by INEC chairman.

Davido who has his family in politics took to Twitter to post about the action taken.

He said “The last President did the same no cause for alarm 😏 To God be the glory .. Delay is not denial”.

Recalling Davido shedded trolls at Wizkid sometime this week, for speaking against collecting money from politicians in exchange to their votes to the public.

Lolo who is presently enjoying the publicity started this muse from her Instagram story mention Davido and Wizkid. Read post below,

Davido who replied rather in a harsh way, insulted her body and called her shapeless.

Lolo at her end went live on her insta-story to flaunt her body and clear her name for not insulting Davido to warrant such childish talks from him.

Lolo’s brother took to his page in support of his sister to brag about her intelligence, whereby he posted Lolo’s picture of her call to bar.

Yellow teeth?!!!😆, No tits?!😂, broke ass bitch (😂😂😂😂😂) All I see is a queen, a lawyer and fearless lioness who doesn’t take shit from nobody. Personally I would celebrate that other men think otherwise 🤷🏾‍♂️. #Imstillowed3point5millionsha Ps. This is 2019 who still has time to be calling women names? Let’s dead this misogyny bullshit.. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Incase you didn’t notice the hashtag, Lolo’s brother made mention of Davido owing him 3.5million naira.

Trust fans to bring out comparisons between Lolo and his ‘Assurance’ girlfriend Chioma. They’ve asked that chioma presents her own school certificate, showing she’s also literate and not only knows how to cook. Lol

Lolo and brother
Lolo and Chioma showing legs

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