Keisha Green a native of Syracuse, NY and a resident of Atlanta, Green is a single mother of three boys, an entrepreneur, life coach, empowerment speaker, author and an amputee known as the “Legless Diva.” She often says that God made the decision to only share half of her, because the world wouldn’t be able to handle all of her.

Alongside her zeal to fulfil her purpose, she has the dream of getting married to the man who will complete her and be her King.

Keisha’s dream finally came through on 7th,April 2019.

“After losing my legs I wasn’t sure if we would still be together. I was wondering who could be with me without the legs?

Well God well showed me that a true king will love all of my flaws. He said imma make you my Queen. I love you more than I did before, he said you won’t ever be able to run out my life. Baby I realized that we were so great for each other he needed me and I needed him and we couldn’t give up on each other. We fought hard for our love 17 years of fighting.

No matter that after all we had endured the lost of love ones the lost of limbs but he didn’t refused to lose anymore time and he decided to never spend another day apart! Baby you surprised me with 17 balloons and 17 roses and I thought that was enough but then you got on your knee, and popped the question! Call me Mrs.Seldon because I said YES !!!!!! @john_166_s“.

After the ‘Yes I do’ push gift….John got her a moving ‘Yes I do’ gift below.

2005 vs 2019 When you truly ride it out good bad and ugly ❤️

Congratulations to the newest couple.

How ‘Legless Diva’ Keisha Green is Walking in her Purpose Despite Losing Her Limbs

On August 23, 2013, Keisha Green found herself trapped on the side of the highway, her car completely demolished after crossing four lanes and crashing into a guardrail. Her cousin lay in the rear of the vehicle with a broken collarbone after being ejected from her seat, and as Green reached back to assist, she found that she could not move.

To her shock and amazement, her left leg was on top of the steering wheel, completely severed from her body. Her right leg was pinned between the car and was impaled by the guardrail. The only way out was for emergency personnel to apply the “jaws of life” and use a torch to burn through the metal and free her. It was like a gruesome scene from a horror movie, and as crazy as it sounds, it was also the day Green’s life truly began.

She is fierce and ambitious, and refuses to be seen as a victim. Therefore, she urges others not to feel sorry for themselves, but instead to learn how to turn their trials into testimonies and their adversity into advantages. Her motto is “the mind is stronger than any inability,” and that paradigm has landed her on numerous platforms including Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show.

As Green’s platform continues to grow, she intends to elevate the discouraged and unmotivated into a new level of consciousness. Much of her days now are spent receiving calls from scared, insecure and broken women who are searching for relief from their realities. Her consulting starts with helping them to change their mindsets and understand that God makes no mistakes.

“I’m convinced God’s vision for me was to make me the hottest thing not walking,” she said. “I am taller than ever before because I touch the world I touch nations. I want others to feel that they can do anything too.”

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