In a bid to write this post; I decided to feature Duke on my blog to get his opinion on how he would describe his street if it were a person. 

Here’s what he has to say,

My street will be a very beautiful girl, light skinned, pretty face, sapiosexual (smart and intelligent). Outspoken, someone I can stay around and feel peaceful. Someone fun, less dramatic, someone when I go out and come back I’ll look at her, I’ll have a breath of fresh air, someone that smells nice and ….fantastic cook.😜

Yeah! That’s how my street makes me feel.😃

I have this serenity that I feel whenever I come back home walking on my street. The flowers (i.e the girl’s hair), the water rushing (that’s when she’s horny), the light and the street (that’s when the glow in her eyes flashes towards my direction).

Okay; the steps I take on the streets (that’s when I hear her footsteps walking into the room after she has taken her bath) walking inside the room naked, with her pointed perky boobs….let me not say much, let me stop right there. 😂 

Well, some times! When you have a rough day and you’re coming back to the streets. That’s when you observe the defaults in the streets, just like a torn; sometimes you see dogs barking (woo woo woo) you’ll feel not so into yourself. But when you remember the good parts the street gives you, you’ll walk with it and try to solve things out with her making it less dramatic.

Yeah; the street can be dramatic as a lady but less dramatic when you reason with her.

I guess I have described my street, the way I feel about my street using a girl. Yeah?

What do you think about my street?

Drop a comment and share🙏


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