How well do you know your temperament? In my case I did not really know myself until my friend inquired it of me, I only knew I have a bad character of being bullheaded and that has cost me a lot with both families and friends. The psychology aspects of learning every seconds has made life beautiful and more accommodating.
So I gave in my simple and honest answer of having ‘No idea’ then the research to know about it was given. I anxiously did like most of you would do cause I was eager to know myself better and now understands that being divergent is not a disorder but a genetic curse by creation.
I will share with you my findings and tell you what my temperament combinations are but in return you are going to tell me yours too…Deal???? Yeah!
Temperaments as known are four fundamental personality types.
Sanguine, Choleric , Melancholic and Phlegmatic….but surprisingly every human is obligated to posses minimum of two temperaments of either, Choleric-phlegmatic , Choleric-sanguine and Choleric-melancholy.
A. SANGUINE — The Sanguine temperament is fundamentally impulsive and pleasure-seeking. Sanguine’s are frequently referred to as “the talker.”
The sanguine are expressive in personality sociable and charismatic, generally warmhearted, pleasant, lively, optimistic, creative, compassionate, and outgoing; they desire influence and being the center of attention.
They are sincere at heart, always a child, creative and colorful, possesses energy and enthusiasm, loves people, are great volunteers, thrives on compliments, and doesn’t hold grudges.
The Sanguine likes to talk a lot… struggles with completing tasks, are chronically late and tends to forget their obligations… they base their decisions primarily on feelings.
The Sanguine is very poor at tolerating boredom; for the most part they will try to avoid monotony and that which is routine at all costs; routine jobs and boring companions annoy them and irritate them.
B. CHOLERIC — The Choleric temperament is fundamentally ambitious and leader-like. The Choleric is the strongest of the extroverted Temperaments, and is sometimes referred to as a “Type A” personality or “the doer.”
The Choleric is the most insensitive of the Temperaments; they care little for the feelings of others; feelings simply don’t play into the equation for them. They are skeptical and do not trust easy; they need to investigate the facts on their own, relying on their own logic and reasoning. If they are absorbed in something, do not even bother trying to get their attention. Negatively, they are bossy, domineering, impatient, can’t relax, quick tempered, easily angered, unsympathetic, enjoy arguments, too impetuous, and can dominate people of other temperaments, especially the Phlegmatic types. Choleric women are very rare, but strangely are very popular people. Choleric have the most trouble with anger, intolerance and impatience; they want facts instead of emotions; and should you get your feelings hurt, it’s your problem, not theirs. The Choleric does not have many friends (though they need them), and has a tendency to fall into deep sudden depression, and is much prone to mood swings.

C. PHLEGMATIC — The Phlegmatic temperament is fundamentally relaxed and quiet, ranging from warmly attentive to lazily sluggish. Phlegmatic are referred to as “the watcher.” They are accepting, affectionate, frequently shy, and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change. Because they are fearful, indecisive and hesitant of things in life, they have a compromising nature. Phlegmatic often worries about everything. They want to know other people’s deepest feelings and strive to build intimate attachments with just about everyone in their lives. They are interested in cooperation and interpersonal harmony, and this is why they preserve their family ties and friendships. They could be described as considerate, charitable, sympathetic, trusting, warm, calm, relaxed, consistent, rational, curious, and observant — this makes them good administrators. Phlegmatic men and women strive for greater self-knowledge, and seek to contribute to society at large. On the negative side, they are often selfish, self-righteous, judge others easily, resist change, stay uninvolved, dampen enthusiasm, and can be passive-aggressive. In large part, the Phlegmatic temperament is deemed to be a neutral temperament.

D. MELANCHOLIC — The Melancholic temperament is fundamentally introverted & thoughtful. Melancholies are often referred to as “the thinker.”
Sadly, many Melancholies are also victims of deep bouts of depression that come from great dissatisfaction, disappointment, hurtful words or events.
They are extremely loyal in friendships; there is an old saying that goes like this: “If you have a Melancholy for a friend, you have a friend for life.”
They are self-reliant and independent and get wholly involved in what they are doing.
secretive; seclusive; shut in; not inclined to speak unless spoken to.


Following are the various temperament combinations and what they look like when they are combined together.


San/Chol- This is the strongest “extrovert” of all the blends because both primary types are extroverted. They are people-oriented and enthusiastic but with the resolutions of the Choleric tempering the lack of organization of the Sanguine. He is almost always a sports enthusiast and is ideal in sales. He can talk too much and can be obnoxious if threatened. The forgetfulness of the Sanguine and the caustic nature of the Choleric may make them hurtful without realizing it.
San/Mel – They are highly emotional people whose moods can fluctuate from highs to lows and back again quickly. The Sanguine’s outgoing nature often allows the Melancholy’s critical nature to surface too easily. It is very easy for a San/Mel to “get down” on themselves, and to realize their potential, it is best that they work with others.
San/Phleg – The overpowering outgoing nature of the Sanguine is tempered by the gracious Phlegmatic. These are extremely happy and carefree individuals who live to help people. They would not purposely hurt anyone but they must fight a lack of workplace motivation; they would rather visit than work.

Chol/San – The second strongest extrovert is an active and purposeful individual; he is almost fearless and has high levels of energy. Whatever his profession, his brain is always active and engaged. His weaknesses combine the quick anger of the Sanguine with the resentment of the Choleric. He gets AND gives ulcers. He may leave people (including spouse and children) shell-shocked and resentful because of his angry outbursts.
Chol/Mel – The Choleric/Melancholy is very industrious and capable. He is both Industrious and detailed. He combines verbal aggressiveness with sharp attention to detail. He is very competitive and forceful. He can be autocratic and opinionated with work habits that keep after details until the job is completely finished. He finds interpersonal relationships difficult due to the hard-to-please nature of the Choleric and the perfectionist nature of the Melancholy.
Chol/Phleg – This is the most subdued of the outgoing temperaments. He is extremely capable in the long run though he may not impress you that way at first. He is organized and a good planner. He often gets more accomplished than other temperaments because he always thinks in terms of enlisting others to help him. His weaknesses include a tendency to quietly harbor bitterness rather than letting it out. Acknowledging weaknesses is difficult for him and he tends to worry about his performance in life activities.

Phleg/San – This is the easiest to get along with being congenial, happy, and people-oriented.
They make excellent administrators and other jobs that involve getting along with people. He may
lack motivation and discipline and may fall short of his true capabilities. He may “putter around”
for years without making progress.
Phleg/Chol – This is the most active of the introverts but he’ll never be a ball of fire. He can be an excellent counselor because he is an active listener. He is practical and helpful and patient. He may lack motivation and may become stubborn if threatened. He may also have a tendency toward being sedentary and passive. He needs to be around other people as he is externally motivated.
Phleg/Mel – This is gracious and quiet, does the proper thing and is dependable. He wobbles between patience and criticism and may tend toward negativism. They can be afraid of over-extending themselves so may avoid involvement in a group.

Mel/San – They are detailed and organized; the Melancholy is tempered by the outgoing and warm Sanguine. He makes an excellent teacher as his organized side is well versed in the facts and his Sanguine side makes him enjoyable to listen to. If he goes into sales it will be sales that calls for exacting detail and the presentation of many facts. He is an emotional person – from being moved to tears to being critical and hard on others. Both temperaments can be fearful which may make this an insecure person with a poor self image.
Mel/Chol – This is both a perfectionist and a driver which may lead him into law or medicine. They mix decisiveness and determination. Because of the critical nature of the Melancholy they may be very difficult to please. If they become negative about someone or something it will have a tendency to stay with them for a long time. Their combination can lead them to “nit-pick” others and be revengeful to those they have a grudge against.
Mel/Phleg – These are often teachers and scholars. They are not as prone to hostility as other
Melancholy blends and combine analysis with organization. They make excellent accountants and bookkeepers. Unfortunately he can become easily discouraged and may be susceptible to fear and anxiety. They may become uncooperative because of stubborn, rigid tendencies.

Dealing with different personalities daily- it is advised not to lose oneself while trying to keep any relationship with other temperaments, rather build an understanding with each other and if it is not forth coming……..YOU SHOULD DO WHAT GIVES YOU PEACE.

Getting to know these fundamentals I have landed the jackpot of ‘Cho/Mel’ both of Choleric and Melancholy. I love my personality a lot!

Which is yours????

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