Today’s style features our creative fashion designer Olar Grace.

She is a Lagos based dealer in Nigeria, who deals in female apparels with a degree in Digital Marketing.

See few of her styles below and more on her Instagram page.

Blue pants with shirt having blue stripes.

Olars styling green pants on a white shirt, matching gold spots on the shirt and the pant with accessories to fit and bag to complete this gorgeous look.

Style been the essential aspect in every categories of human lives. Is having your own unique taste and mind to create something different from what anyone else have ever done. This mirror right here is a boob…you know right? Yeah you know😄

Green, Teal, Blue and White…

Today is a case… with the fashion stylist herself @olarsgrace

Flowing Pants on a matching blazer🔥

Casual sayings from the fashion Queen “You will never know the true character of people till you run a business or you work for someone…

NIGERIANS ARE 😜, people will talk down on you if they are giving you 1 naira in exchange for 1 T-shirt then it’s like they become pharaoh and you are an hungry/homeless Egyptian😫😂

However, this is me still begging u to shop @olarsgrace cause if you don’t insult me who will🤔😀

You love her styles make sure to check on her page on Instagram to place your orders. Keep the orders, positivity and just a small amount of insults coming, we small business owners are built to take all of it💃🏻”.

Jokenly but those are the facts about Digital Marketing where customers are always right.

Comment if you like any style from the post above.

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