Ghanian actress shares her March Edition of going through Shame and Trauma in her every month calender series.

She wrote “I am thankful for my past because today I stand as the woman that my younger self longed to be and needed. It’s taken a lot of time, forgiveness of self & others, self-compassion, struggling through shame & trauma and yes some days it’s still tricky. Some parts of my story are still too tender to touch or say out loud; yet soon I’ll share it with the world. But I give myself a pat on the back and say thank you Lord for making me to see another day…because there are so many moments that I thought I wouldn’t or couldn’t.

She continued;
“Being self-aware now and free from trying to change what was or could be, I can stand tall in my roles as a mother and a leader. It feels good to be here, and to be the woman that my younger self desperately deserved and needed.
As I look at my past, I hold myself with understanding, compassion and care. I’m tender with my wounds and okay with the fact that some may not heal all the way. I Create space for anger, tears, joy, and starting over.
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