My childhood song was Danfo Driver by (Mad Melon and Mountain Black) which brought so much memories to my childhood.

I remember those days (early 2000), it was like National Anthem on the streets. Whenever the song is being played, no matter how sad you are; you must ‘shake’ body😀. I also remembered those days when we use to play ‘baba suwe’ the moment our neighbor plays it, we’ll leave all the play we were playing and dance to it 💃😛


Guess you don’t even remember the lyrics, let me remind you below😂

Omo weytin de happen
Omo nothing de happen
Omo hold them, hold them
Papa, mashcabon, you de loss

Yo ko ko ko oo, ye yo ko ko
Oh papa mo… ‘Cos we are crying down to our soul….full lyrics

Meanwhile, How’s the Covid-19 pandemic at your end?

Why not use the isolation to look back at your childhood unforgettable song or memories??? If you’ve done that, share with us in the comment section below…

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