Linda Osifo is a Nigerian actress and television host. Who took to her Instagram page to write about herself in a symbolic way, putting them in chapters but all summarizing to one subject…’BEAUTY’.

Read chapters below,

CHAPTER 1: Once upon a time, in a world where beauty was narrowly defined, there lived a goddess… A MELANIN GODDESS

CHAPTER 2: Zoom from outer space she comes, grace on her throne, fire in her spirit as She stepped forth from the milky way through the planets onto the earth.

CHAPTER 3: With supernatural strength embedded in the melanin goddess, rumor has it that she walks on water, flies the skies, ignites fire and blazes her every trails….

CHAPTER 4: but in reality, those are just the smallest of the things she could actually do. Her beauty on the inside far exceeds her outward appearance. Her smile is soft, sensitive, gentle & loving. She defines all women from every planet. She’s a girl! She’s a woman! She’s a goddess! She is the melanin goddess. #RedefiningBeauty
. …………… THE END………………

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