Pastor Alph Lukau, is a pastor in South Africa who raised a man from dead on Sunday. According to tweets which indicated the deceased was being moved from the mortuary to the cemetery when they passed the church gate and met the pastor who did miracles on him.

He is being offered government’s protection service by the Metro Police at the citizens expense.

Twitter users have turned the situation into a trend using the hashtag ‘Resurrection challenge ‘.

@kutulla_khoza made ridicules to the video below saying “It’s not a joke to come back from heaven… Nigga must be tired AF!!

After the resurrection Jiki Jiki as called was taken inside the church and given food which many users find amusing as to how the food was prepared.

#ressurectionchallenge Imagine eating on your own funeral

Believers who believes in the resurrection of Lazarus countered to the trend.

Read tweets below,

It was also noted that two 2years ago the resurrected guy was the cameraman in the hospital stunt.. Now he is famous for ressurection, by pastor @alphlukau

See pictures below,

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