In sharing my personal life story;

It was not for entertainment but to encourage the young ones who are passing through same dilemma or worst. For them to know that it is not in blaming ones fate in life but to join forces with their inner self and make the best out of ugly situations.

However,the problem of the girl child cannot be takening with kids-glove.

It is said that “Living a healthy lifestyle is wealth” and the use of cloths as sanitary pads by girls who are of puberty age is not the best insurance guaranteed for menstrual hygiene, a sanitary pad is more recommendable to the use of cloths giving to the facts that menstrual cup which is safer is sold at a high cost but has a lasting durability of 5 years if purchased of good quality.;

As I grow up I found out that the literate ones in the urban settlement who use sanitary pads are struggling to reach their counterparts (in the rural settlement) to stop the use of cloth. Which is caused by lack of fond in getting sanitary pads not to talk of adhering to the medical advice by the Women Health Organisation (WHO) health initiative in changing pads regularly to avoid skin irritation and vaginal infections.

Taking a cue from my experience shared on my blog; I will want to work with Non-governmental organizations, government agencies and ministry of women affairs to reach out to all the corners of Nigeria where they still use cloths as sanitary pads.
Let us join hands and support these initiatives because the experience of the girl child in these climes will also determine her role and goal in the society,her Joy should be more than her pain.

Thank you,

Love always!




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