…… my hands, to the point my best friend whom we met during registration into the same department was my ally, who came to my aid when departmental fees were asked to be paid, Wendy would pay for herself and mine.

Buy us lunch and transports to class and the hostel, cook dinner and a lot more. I just can not explain it all, God bless her more for all she has done for me.

Second semester 100L, I encountered insecurity in friendship. Where Wendy got another friend in campus who became her best friend and I was like the third option to her, it really did hurt me because she was my only friend and I had a bad habit of not keeping friends aside from her.

This created rift between us and misunderstandings very often, we still pulled on and with time the three of our circle began to spread. We became three friends, WENDY, PATIENCE AND I.

Wendy got her hostel space and I had to move in with her considering the fact that the grace of my stay at the old hostel was for the first semester, Wendy asked Patience to also move in with us and that made us three in a corner.

We eventually began to do everything together down to the provision list and going for lectures too, but Patience is not in our department, she is in the Biological science which is in the same Faculty.

I ventured into selling kerosene from the little savings I had as time went on, instead of leatving the money in the bank. So that was how I sold kerosene in the hostel ooo.

In December 2017, after going home to spend the Christmas season with my family, I got to travel to Enugu and Awka for the first time for a wedding. It was an experience not to be forgotten.

(View video of me frying garri, december 2017,below)

The responsibility on my shoulders right from childhood made me have no difficulties adapting to any environment, it made me develop passion to explore and visit new places, which so far I have visited 4 states and lived in 3 states summing it to 7 states and with God helping me, I will visit all the states and many countries.

(Video of harvesting rice, December 2018 below)

The love I had for reading novels made me have the dreams of becoming an author some day, writing my own books and telling stories of life.

My family is a blessed family and I so much love them even in the little we have, because I have no right to be angry at my parents whatsoever.

They brought us up in their possible ways and are making sure we all go to school; all I pray is for God to establish us the children so we can do more than our parents and make them enjoy the fruits of their labor.

My parents- Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Ejeh Uche

My story is not a sad one compared to others who are out their experiencing worst situations, but I am celebrating my past ‘’22 years of living’’ on earth in appreciation to God for his faithfulness towards me and my family.

This is to life and its experiences, all the mistakes made and the lessons learnt. For those whom I came in contact with and are not mmentioned here, you all played parts in my life’s story and I am saying I love you all.

Denis and I

To my readers and well wishers, I love you all.




  1. Wow. So stunning and proud of you dear, such an inspiring life and great respect for putting it all out. This is just the beginning love greater things ahead.

  2. Patience Dim Reply

    Lovely, may God continue to bless you and grant you ur heart desires

  3. Sokratis Da Vinci Reply

    Applaud! Applaud!! Applaud!!
    I endear your sharp thinking and crisp self story.
    Every effort you put in this work is interesting and commendable.
    I pray God keep the River of your knowledge ever flowing.

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