….made arrangements for mom and her four kids to return to the village, while he will join later.

After an unpleasant journey back home, I was faced with a new environment and new people. where I did not know anybody, being my first time of home coming after birth, except for the time in 1999 when mom went home for the birth of my immediate younger sister, an episode I literally had no recollection of.

My folks and Mercy (the last born in our family) 2002.

On arrival at the village in 2003, we met my aunt and her family whom have been living in our compound during our absence. Fortunately for us a room was still vacant of which we quickly cleaned up and settled in.

Gradually settling into our new environment, I got to make friends with my aunt’s twin daughters (Ogodo and Igelle) with another distance cousin of mine by the name RUTH.

Mom became best of friends with Ruth’s mother considering the facts we were all fellowshipping in DEEPER LIFE, yeah you read that right! I am a deeper life bred.

One hot sunny day, I was feeling like citrusy so I decided to pluck the orange in the compound, when suddenly Ogodo and Igelle came to meet me demanding why I was plucking oranges without their mom’s permission.

I quickly retorted back at them that the orange belonged to us (based on the story told by mom of dad owning the property), this resulted into a huge fight where the two girls beat me up, after that episode the two families never remained the same (some things are left unsaid to avoid future problems).

Eventually dad finally came back home and my folks discussed with my aunt to vacate a room for us, as one room is no longer convenient for us to live in. At the end she packed out, as one room was also not enough for her and her children.

In the year 2004, my maternal grandmother passed on to the great beyond, she was the only grandparent I grew to know from both sides.

Mom quickly travelled to her family home where further arrangements for the burial would be made by her family members. Leaving my elder brother in charge of my younger sisters and I, because our school was still in session (that was in primary 1 third term).

She was gone for a week; One day after school hours I went over to Ruth’s house and met her cooking, in my mind’s eye I was happy thinking I would get to eat when she was done cooking, so I kept her company until she was done cooking.

But to my amazement, she dished the food went inside and ate without giving me.

Out of frustration and hunger, I left her place and went home all the while devising a perfect way to revenge and as luck will have it for me, the next day before noon, she came home to harvest spinach from our vegetable garden.

I timed her and allowed her to finish cutting the spinach into her basket then I went to her, packed the leaves from the basket and threw it inside the room and locked the door. Then threw the key………….

To be continued tomorrow…..

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  1. LWKMD 😹😹😹
    I Guess the food had egg yolk on it.
    I endear your creativeness in making a concise write-up.
    (K.I.S.S #ifYouKnowYouKnow).

    • Smiles… childish things we do when we were not conscious of life.

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