Solidarity greetings to all the erudite Students of University of Abuja.

It is no longer a news to most of us about the newly approved school fees by the University Management.

We as Representatives of the entire Students are displeased with the new template. On this regard, an emergency meeting was held earlier on Saturday 16th, 2019 to reveal the concerns of the Students.

The meeting with the Dean of Students Affairs yielded the following results:

1 That the Dean of Students Affairs shall convey our request of a review of the purported school fees.

2 That, the Payment for Matriculation and Convocation gowns shall be struck out and revert to status quo.

3 That Students the University Portal for payment of school fees shall not be open early on Monday until the resolution is approved.

4 That, there shall be a circular from the Management upon her considerations by Monday 18th, 2019.

Meanwhile, assurances were given by the Dean of Students Affairs that the utility payments were for improved services to the entire University Community.

Finally, we assure you of our solidarity in all circumstances and call for utmost understanding.





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