In a bid to write this post; I decided to feature Duke on my blog to get his opinion on how he would describe his street if it were a person. 

Here’s what he has to say,

My street will be a very beautiful girl, light skinned, pretty face, sapiosexual (smart and intelligent). Outspoken, someone I can stay around and feel peaceful. Someone fun, less dramatic, someone when I go out and come back I’ll look at her, I’ll have a breath of fresh air, someone that smells nice and ….fantastic cook.😜

Yeah! That’s how my street makes me feel.😃

I have this serenity that I feel whenever I come back home walking on my street. The flowers (i.e the girl’s hair), the water rushing (that’s when she’s horny), the light and the street (that’s when the glow in her eyes flashes towards my direction).

Okay; the steps I take on the streets (that’s when I hear her footsteps walking into the room after she has taken her bath) walking inside the room naked, with her pointed perky boobs….let me not say much, let me stop right there. 😂 

Well, some times! When you have a rough day and you’re coming back to the streets. That’s when you observe the defaults in the streets, just like a torn; sometimes you see dogs barking (woo woo woo) you’ll feel not so into yourself. But when you remember the good parts the street gives you, you’ll walk with it and try to solve things out with her making it less dramatic.

Yeah; the street can be dramatic as a lady but less dramatic when you reason with her.

I guess I have described my street, the way I feel about my street using a girl. Yeah?

What do you think about my street?

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My childhood song was Danfo Driver by (Mad Melon and Mountain Black) which brought so much memories to my childhood.

I remember those days (early 2000), it was like National Anthem on the streets. Whenever the song is being played, no matter how sad you are; you must ‘shake’ body😀. I also remembered those days when we use to play ‘baba suwe’ the moment our neighbor plays it, we’ll leave all the play we were playing and dance to it 💃😛


Guess you don’t even remember the lyrics, let me remind you below😂

Omo weytin de happen
Omo nothing de happen
Omo hold them, hold them
Papa, mashcabon, you de loss

Yo ko ko ko oo, ye yo ko ko
Oh papa mo… ‘Cos we are crying down to our soul….full lyrics

Meanwhile, How’s the Covid-19 pandemic at your end?

Why not use the isolation to look back at your childhood unforgettable song or memories??? If you’ve done that, share with us in the comment section below…

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Hello! Welcome to my corner; in this article I will tell you some proven ways on how to rapidly gain active followers on Instagram.

As documented by SEJ, instagram has become the 4th biggest social media site in 2020. Thereby, making it a great platform to grow your business and brand.
Growing organic followers for your personal or business page haven’t been easy, if you search on google you will see

In his article he mentioned  9 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Organically.

Note that these steps requires patience to grow your followers because it’s the proven steps that is approved by Instagram. Using apps like Nutrino +,which only works on android and not friendly to iOS users is used to gain followers and likes. But as usual, I have come to learn that when you use those apps to  get followers and likes, you are damaging your page instead of growing it. Because Instagram does not recognize those followers and likes, because they are foreign likes and different from your geolocation. You end up damaging your account whereby, you can not be verified and I’m sure you don’t want that. You have a large number of followers but you can not be verified, so my advice to you is to stop using that and start growing your followers the new trending way.

Read below you will see the steps I’m using to gain my Instagram organically.

This new method of gaining followers was introduced to me by my friend and I have also introduced a lot of my friends to it. I have introduced others who asked about it, I gave them the steps that I’m using to gain my followers.
These article is for everybody, I’m using it to invite you all to join the train. Keep reading to get the trick in gaining 10,000 followers in just 1 month. 
Here’s the thing, these platforms that help you gain your Instagram followers organically on Instagram without paying a dime was established by few individuals, from there it began to grow into social media influencers. These platforms are solely created to follow each other, you follow and get followed. That is the golden rule, but you know some pages don’t have good contents. So you will likely be selective with the pages you follow back and also make your contents great to retain the followers you gain.

The gaining process is quite simple, follow the step by step instructions below to grow your Instagram followers. 

Step 1: First you need to visit any IG page that does Instagram gain. (Examples at the end of this article).
Where you’ll need to follow the page, then turn on the post notifications to get notifications on any new post made on that page.
Otherwise you can choose to visit the page each time you want to gain, but that would be stressful for you.

Step 2: Once you’ve followed up and turned notifications on, you will be prompted to a WhatsApp link on the profile screen. This is where you will click and get directed to their WhatsApp contact where you’ll need to ask the admin to save your contact name and you save theirs. After that, you will be able to see their status for other link posts featuring different users used to gain more followers on your Instagram page.

Step 3: Now you will be presented with links via your WhatsApp status or post notifications on Instagram from time to time, according to each gaining strategy.
Note: You will need to pay attention to the timing to make your followers gain effective everyday. If you do so, 300-400 followers a day is guaranteed!

Step 4: When the link drops, follow at least 20-50 of those that like the post to avoid getting blocked by Instagram. Also as you like and comment you get followed, follow back the page you like or have good contents. The trick there is that, you like on time! Immediately the post is dropping you like before you comment. If you wait after 10-15mins after posting you don’t get much followers, you get little but not much. So that is why it is necessary to like on time.

Step 5: Lastly and most importantly, Instagram monitors this kinds of accounts. Hence avoid commenting words like, ifb, fff, emojis without words and also not more than one comment per post. If you are not careful Instagram will block your account permanently or disable it for some minutes or days. As Instagram consider such actions to be spam/bot . So these are the steps to growing your page, if you like it you go through the stress but the increase in number will be your consolation.
So that’s for gaining, but that is not all for keeping your page active and your followers glued to you. You can get them to follow you, but you can not get them to stay with you if your contents is not good. So work on your contents and keep an active followers.

Check below to see some ways to create good contents, if you have other ways that you know you use to grow your followers, let us know in the comment section and what do you like about this article?

Try these Instagram pages out and get to discover more as you go. Tips on how to discover more accounts is to check for similar accounts when you follow this accounts below, they have multiple other gaining accounts they’re following. So search through!
1  ig.followersgrowth
2. hustlersquare
3. gainwithvera
4. trendyTv 
5. afrofyb_ 

These Instagram accounts are mostly Nigerians and Ghanaians follower, but you can use the steps listed above to check on search tags to find similar gaining accounts and gain your Instagram organically no matter the country you are.

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