Check Out 5 Fashionable Styles That Are Sure To Trend This 2019 (Photos)

Fashion is a way of life, what you wear serves like an armour that protects you from society as an individual. Of course, if you wear a bad armour you won’t be protected and the same goes for fashion trends. People tend to express their moods through what they wear and what people wear determines how people address you before they even hear what you have to say.

That’s why every year there is something new in the fashion industry. Some set of trends that opens the New Year and lets people know what they can rock and how to rock it. In other for you not to fall in the category of people wear old trends or rock what should not even in trend. We have compiled a list of trends that are sure to be rocked this 2019, with reasons for you to be one of the fashionistas of the year.

See list below,

1. Mesh and Chiffon
Mesh plus chiffon is something we all need, it can serve as a casual look and can be turned into a grand event look in no time. Plus, the hot sun in Nigeria, needs something simple but classy.

2. Bold colors
Colourful outfits are so in trend and not just anyhow colors but the bold and loud ones. Flashy pink, yellow, green, neon and so many more. This colours can lift your mood from zero to ten, so when you have a down day be sure to lift it up with colours.

3. Turban
Turban came into the fashion industry a few years ago and it died down a little bit, but towards the end of 2018, it prongs it’s head up like a roaring lion and said “I won’t let go”. Now, turbans did not just come back, it came back better with beautiful and more elegant styles. Looking for something to lift a simple owambe look, turban is the way to go.

4. Headwraps
This 2019, owambe ladies won’t be rocking the simple layered steps gele, but the new and fresh styles geniuses came up with. The new ways people style gele now is just something that would be going nowhere anytime soon. So if you don’t want to be that old school sister at a party, look for someone that can tie the new trend.

5. Beret:
The beret trend started late in 2018 and it is sure to go into 2019, not just because celebrities are rocking it, but because it is something that can change the tune of an outfit. A beret can lift a casual look from zero to ten.

Which do you think you’ll slay beautifully in? Leave your comments below.



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