Chioma and Kika are best friends who teamed up together to establish the popular hair brand in London and in Nigeria known as the ‘good hair ltd’.

On Tuesday, Chiomagoodhair shared a testimonial pictures of keys to her ‘New home’ in Ikoyi. Expressing her right choice in investing wisely instead of buying cars or bags and making note to her parents who helped her achieve this dream.

“I could’ve bought 2 G Wagons 🚜 and 50 Birkin bags 👜 but I just bought my first property in Nigeria, in Ikoyi from some of my savings and a little help from my parents @ujikokwu @chibikokwu
….and let’s not forget I’m not 30 yet.
You too can do it.
Just work hard ,make the right sacrifices & prioritize! 🔑🏠🙏”.

Her bestfriend and business partner who knew how the savings begun, shared in her testimony below the comment section.

Read below,

Chioma gave her a lovely reply to them owning the house and not hers alone.

See pictures of the two birds below,


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