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 Floxy is a cute pet that is so much loved by my Auntie but guess what? She’s the only one in our family of six that takes care of her, everyone else including myself are in the ‘tolerating gang’.

Although I’ve never lived with cats before, this is my first time and I will say I Prefer dogs to cats. Here are my;


They completely depend on you

Dogs completely depend on you, for some people, this can be too much. However, other people really enjoy looking after an animal that relies on you and needs you.

They get you out the house every day

Dogs make you leave the house every single day, whether you like it or not. Cats don’t need to be walked, but dogs do, so dog owners get to go outside and benefit from fresh air and exercise every day.

You can exercise with dogs

You don’t see many people out running with their cats…Dogs provide an opportunity to exercise, whether it’s going on a walk, playing in the park or taking part in a dog sport.

Dogs can be more loving

Cats are very independent, and usually return home for food and shelter. Some cats are different, and can be very affectionate, but on the whole, dogs are more loving and devoted to their owners.

They are less likely to scratch you (on purpose at least)

Some cats can scratch, sometimes even on purpose. This is one thing that makes me dislike Floxy, I didn’t say hate!  Dogs may scratch you accidentally when they jump up or during playtime, but they won’t usually do it with intent.

They can help guard your home and protect you

Dogs can make excellent guard dogs and are handy if you want to feel safer in your home. They will bark and put off intruders, and do what they can to protect their human family. Nevertheless in this aspect too, Floxy plays a great role in keeping rats and snakes away!. I give her kudos on that.

You always get a lovely welcome home from dogs

There’s nothing better than the welcome dogs give you when you return home. Some cats will come up and greet you, but not quite in the same way.

Dogs can do useful jobs

You can get working dogs that can do very useful jobs, such as guarding, herding and search and rescue. You can also train your dog to do certain jobs whereas cats tend to just do as they please.

Dogs can be heroes

You hear amazing stories of dogs being incredibly brave and saving people, and not many stories of cats doing the same thing.

Dogs are very loyal

Finally, dogs are very loyal pets and will stay by their owners side through thick and thin.

What other things do you love about dogs? Or cats if you are a cat lover!.

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The legend of Veena- Chapter Seven


….. For work so I can work since that is what I want and I left to search for work. Luckily for me I got work that same day at Tantalizers, in Adeola Odeku. I worked in Tantalizers as the Cashier, worked Mondays to Saturdays, having only Sunday at home.

Snap after work

Prior to the Post UTME exam, the exam was called off, so admission began. With the sayings ‘’it is only if you know someone in UNN that your admission can be 100% assured, I went online to search for post on aspirants update, I got a contact from there he contacted another lady who is to process the admission but with money of cause.

To cut the story short, my 40 thousand went down the drain without any admission given to me.

My one and only prayer to God became for him to make way for me in any institution of his choice, I did not care as long as I am going to get into university.

My dad, whom also was worried at home for me, asked my credentials be sent to him so he can seek help from some delegates in University Of Abuja. Considering the merits we have from the Vice Chancellor’s Merit List, my documents were sent and luckily for me i got admission on the 27th December 2016.

Service at RCCG Peace Assembly, province 16, V.I, Lagos in 2016.

I had already gone back home to the village during the Christmas celebration period before I got my Christmas gift from Santa-clause (the admission).

7th January 2017, it was time for registration to begin and other necessary things. The financial problem came settling in; with no other option left dad had to sell his piece of land with the courage of me replacing the land in future as far as there is life. The land was sold to raise the money for my admission and other necessities.

We left for Abuja where he walked with me all through the stress of registration and made sure I settled in before going back to the village. After the registration process there was no money left for hostel fee, so I had to look for who will squat me.

Matriculation day 14th January 2017, Dad had gone back then…

That was how I got into a room in Girl’s old hostel in permanent site where I asked for someone to please squat me but all gave me excuses of squatting with one person or the other.

I started lectures with one pot, garri, local rice, red oil, a plate and spoon for my mouth alone and a small stove.

My first experience in the hall was frightening, as I entered through the front door into the lecture hall already filled with over 1000 population of 100 Level students. I got cold feet while walking with my heads down, still having not gotten over being shy of the crowd then.

Holiday time, I got in contact with my uncle (my mom’s cousin) who stays in Abuja and went over to his place for the holiday where I met my aunt, my uncle (Ms Rosemary Onya and Mr John Onya) and his son, Denis. I felt at home during my stay for the holiday and eventually the place became my second home where I stayed during holidays.

Hairstyle for resumption 😂

Resuming second semester, I made sure I raided my aunt’s wardrobe for new clothes I’ll go back with to school and my aunt never complained about it. I can say for a fact, they have been a blessing to me (my aunt and uncle).

I got to school and faced challenges upon challenges, hardship of not having any change (money wise) in…

Concluding chapter next…..

The Legend Of Veena- Chapter Six


I was sitting on the corridor and did not know when my dad came from the room behind me and knocked me off unconscious……

I woke up the next morning to see myself in the hospital with drip on, that was my first time in a hospital not to talk of receiving drip in my body. I opened my eyes to see my mom who was sitting beside me, gazing at my face. I asked her what I was doing there and she narrated to me how my dad hit me to an unconscious state and fled away from home with the fright of having killed his own child.

Also how my brother came home to the scene and raced after my dad with a cutlass but did not find him, so he came back and helped my mom and other neighbors take me to the hospital.

In SS2 first term, I needed to change my school because RICHSTEVE had no Mock exam center or WAEC and NECO center. Early second semester dad and I went to Otukpo, a neighboring town to look for admission. I got admission into SS2 in second term and continued my classes at ST. WILLIAMS COMPREHENSIVE SECONDARY SCHOOL, OTUKPO.

There I made friends who liked and hated me because of the attention I got from male friends and teachers, I also lived with my roommate Chioma whom we left RICHSTEVE together.We started Jss1 together from the same school and went ahead to the same school in otukpo.

Along side other students I met my ex Khalid in the same class with me, Khalid is a Muslim boy and had a friend called Andrew. Khalid had his eyes on me while other girls in the class had their eyes on him; there comes the twist of girls beefing me because of him. Fast forward to 2014, I wrote my WAEC and NECO and then headed back to the village to stay with my parents.

August 2014, I travelled back to my aunt’s place in Lagos to work so I can save money for school since I was not able to continue immediately. On reaching Lagos, plans changed and I started assisting my aunt in her shop at Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island. January 2015 I registered my first jamb with the money given to me by my aunt and sat for the exam early March in Epe. The experience I will never forget!

On getting to the D-day of the exams, I woke up around 5:30am to start preparation so I will beat the Lekki-Epe express traffic. I almost missed my exam because it started raining heavily and there was no bike on the road. I was drenched from head to toe by the time I got to the venue. The luck I had then was that my examination was afternoon paper and not morning paper, I sat for the exam, it was my first and a cbt exam. When the results came out, I did not get the cut-off mark, so I literally had to wait till 2016 session to write again.

 My aunt: Mrs Cecilia Okorie…..she is the younger sister to my dad.

The second time I registered early in Novermber to enable me get examination center within Victoria Island axis. So after the registration, I got a center in Lekki Phase 1 and wrote my exams. Again I still did not make it. That was on a Sunday morning, the result broke me down and I was in tears and could not go to church that morning. My aunt consoled me not to be bitter that God will do something, even if it is a Polytechnic I can go.

Two days within the week, my aunt told me to go and recheck my result that she heard they are adding marks to some candidates. I went to the café, lo and behold I was among the students 40marks was added to. So I became happy with the hope of gaining admission into my dream school (UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA).

1) Because the school is a federal institution and because it is in the Eastern part of Nigeria,
2) Because of my complexion most time I am mistaken to be an Igbo girl. So I desperately wanted to go to the east and learn their language. I made the school choice in my first exam and the second one too.

During that time, my aunt have been making so many complains back home to my parents of my misbehaviors with her especially at the shop. So June that year she gave me permission to go look….

To be continued tomorrow…..

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The Legend Of Veena- Chapter Five


In Jss3, after writing Junior waec I gave my aunt a call in Lagos telling her I want to come and spend my 3 months holiday there. Atleast let me experience the life outside the village like my friends do, which she agreed and that was how I knew Lagos for the first time. Fortunately for me, my aunt’s neighbor who came to the village for a burial around that period and was returning back to Lagos so I was made to travel with her as I was a minor and could not go on my own.

We arrived Lagos late at night; Reaching Lagos,I met my aunt and her family and new people around. Most times I stayed home and at other times I helped my aunt at the shop where she sells, attended church with them and that was how I started going to RCCG. It was during this my visit to Lagos that I got my ears pierced with earring through the help of my friend, Bawayse (a TIV girl). As a Deeper Life member, my parents would not do so nor allow us wear trousers. I also got to wear my first trouser there too.

When I got back to the village, my parents asked me to remove the earrings and stop wearing them until I am no longer in their care. So I did as I was told and life continued till my SS1, where something happened which changed my health record (of having not visited the hospital) for life. I was sitting on my own after the morning devotion, when my dad asked myself and my younger sisters to go represent him at a relation’s wedding of which he had been invited to.

He had something important to do and it would not be right if no one from his family was present at the wedding, so that afternoon we prepared and made to leave for the wedding when he cautioned me to be back before 6pm so I can cook and I nodded my head in agreement. Getting to the venue, the reception just started, we stood as teenagers that we were and enjoyed the ceremony. Unfortunately for me the gift exchange time between the couple and the guest has not reached the time and we had an envelope from dad to present and also get gift.

As I was still contemplating on what to do, my mom passed by with her fellow women from the church fellowship they closed from and happily I quickly rushed to her and explained to her that the ceremony was not over yet and dad asked me to come home early so I will cook, so she should please help me and put the beans on fire and be cooking while my sister and I come back later. She agreed and left for home, after the ceremony we all went back home and met my doom….

To be continued tomorrow…….

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The Legend Of Veena- Chapter Four


In 2008 when I was 11years old, one morning after devotion and our usual family discussion on how to handle house chores (i.e for some members to go to the farm while anyone can go to the stream to fetch water, do laundry and cook stays home), I stood up went for the broom, bent to pick it when mom called me .

“Vicky U’togo stain mmong! (Vicky your clothe is stained)I stood up startled for sometime wondering what she was talking about, she then called me to the room then she took a piece of clean wrapper held it in her hands and said to me, Vicky a’kpa ke uragwa (Vicky you are now a woman) and continued with the sex education.

She asked me to look at her very well as she demonstrated how to fold the clothe into a pad shape so I will wrap it well and be comfortable in it. I did as instructed using the piece of clothe as pad, as that’s the cheapest way to keep myself clean from getting stained. Because the 150 naira that I should have used in getting an always pad, would be used to get something else. So why waste it on something that is going to finish in few days?

Many dwell in ignorance not because they enjoy it but because their living cost have made them to economize their expenditures in everything they do. Imagine pad at 150 then and I was still economical to spend on it and now that the pad rate is in 350 naira? What happens to those in the rural areas who are still using the wraps?

I plead with whom ever is reading this and is in position to advocate for reduction in price on this goods, as it is an essential commodity so it can be afforded by even the lowliest ones in the society and also for those charity organizations to include such in their donation to villages to please do so!.

 New term, new school uniform, new sandal…Lol. 2008

Same year I graduated from primary school, wrote common entrance exam into the school of my choice “ RICHSTEVE COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE, UTONKON” to begin my Junior secondary school. At Richsteve, we usually have the school’s annual speech and prize giving day at the end of every third term. In those occasion I realized I could not participate in a debate neither in a quiz not because I could not memorize the words but because I had stage fright facing the crowd especially in the midst of guys, if I see them gathered in a particular area, I will change my route.

In Jss 2 we had new intakes, amongst them was two siblings a boy and a girl. The boy (EMMA) was in Jss 2A while the sister was in my class Jss2C. Being children who came from the city to the village with their parents, they were termed the ajeboters amongst us. I myself, I will just gosh over them and stare at them like they were demi gods.

In the second term tragedy befell our set we were told Emma had died suddenly without any illness, that shocked me and made me so afraid of life thinking why death happened to him at such young age. that at such a young age. That means I can die at any moment too without fulfilling any of my dreams, having children of my own and that motherhood feelings. During holidays my friends usually travel outside the village and that made me feel left out and I had a yearning to travel out too.

To be continued tomorrow…..

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The legend of Veena- chapter three


…….. inside the room through the window. She understood why I did that and came charging towards me doe a fight, fortunately for me I had my younger sister for support because Ruth was older than me.

A day I will never forget even though I may forget others; is the day I was sent to the market to get soup ingredients.

Oh that day remains fresh in my memories even till this moment…I got to the market and started buying the items needed, went to a woman’s table to buy onion ,salt and maggi .

Then a thought came to me to save 10 naira extra to get my favorite sweet that I like to take UZU, I do not know if you guys know it, it is made of ash clay and whatever they add to make it sweet (In English it is known as KAOLIN, used for making mixed mag for ulcer treatment).

I loved it so much that I was addicted to it I then picked the 10 naira maggi into my nylon bag, then submitted salt and onion to her notice, gave her 20 naira and made to leave when she called me back and asked me to bring out the maggi I stole inside my bag.

( Geez like that really happened to me..) I denied taking any maggi from her, so she collected the bag and brought out the maggi and boom I started crying without her touching me. With the innocence on my face she could not do anything but to let me go.

But trust me; any time I see that woman even till date, I still feel ashamed wondering if she still remembers the maggi event. Gosh, I wish I could take back the hands of time. I got home and never mentioned the incidence to anyone not till my writing it now that I am letting you all on it. Yes you! Do not tell my daddy…smiles

The home alone bred that I am, because even till today to my parents you are considered wayward to stay out till 6pm.

I usually had few friends and they were made in school, except for Ruth and Kosi whom I usually visit their house.

Kosi made my childhood interesting and fun with just the novels she supplied to me.

Kosi was like a library to me, where I returned and collect novels from her hand, at times she will be so pissed at my persistence of finishing the novel in 4-5 hours to return it quickly to her; that she had no excuses of refusing me because I usually return them.

That’s was the NANI BOI’s series….

Growing up, I had so many bad addiction which watching movie topped the chats.

I would go to the market leaving food on the fire at home then get engrossed on the road simply because I heard Nollywood movie playing.

I would peep through the window; that’s if the person doesn’t allow people in their sitting room but if they do, that is all. I would watch until my mom or brother would come and smack me on the back and quickly bring me back to reality.

In some cases I would stay until nepa takes the light and if its light in the night, I will get lost in fright of returning home to be beaten. Akpu really suffered in my hands…lol.

Yeah, akpu was like eba that I eat often now, my parent farm cassava where we harvest to make akpu. In all my flaws I was hardworking when working time comes and never shied away from it.

To be continued tomorrow…..

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