Ex-bbnaija house mate,Alexander Asogwa a.k.a Alex Unusual, 22 years of age.

The 3rd runner up winner shared her behind the scene experience of what she had to go through in the hands of sponsors on getting out of the big brother house as of May 2018.

Alex Unusual is unusual as her name implies, she likes trying out new looks, hairstyles and stresses of different colour just to fit her personality. She has shared her discomfort of others having to style her and not letting her make her choices of the things to put on.

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“Sometimes, all you see is the picture but you know nothing about before the picture. The mood, the struggle, the work. On May 1st 2018, I had media rounds because I just came out of the Bbn house. I was already sad immediately I woke up because I knew next thing was “ ok,this person or that person is Styling you today.” I really just wanted to be the one to pick the cloths. I let them do all their magic on my body and they left. I sneaked into the bathroom, changed and sneaked out for my media rounds. After all the day’s stress, I was so happy I did what I wanted, I put my hand on my chest and had this picture taken with that face saying “ehen, I did it, so what? I pledged to do me always because I knew and was ready to face everyone that was waiting upstairs to scold me for changing my initial outfit. Fast forward to 10 months after. Today I woke up and decided to restyle this top that saved my life the first time I decided to go against the world, wear what I want and actually step out in it. Gaining my freedom was a struggle. I still don’t have it totally from the world but I thank God for sending people that are always ready to let me be Alex unusual and not Alex the celebrity. Behind all you see on the gram is a lot of scattered bits put together. Don’t ever be deceived. It’s not a bed of roses but the unusual girl won’t change till a day after forever . I love you all for loving me for me. I’ll always be the better version of the girl you met from day one. I pledge once again. Somebody please pass me tissue 😭. I’m emosh !!”.

She has shown in several looks how Unusual she can be.

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