Is a mini docu-series of my infancy experience till date. Just some special occurrences not the whole daily life shits. Read below,

CHAPTER ONE- Stories my mother told me

Having faced two series of child loss, my mom conceived me after 5months of losing the last child in December 1995. Along the line dad travelled to Kano for greener pastures leaving mom behind at her mother’s place in Igba (a community which is located in Utonkon, Ado L.G.A , Benue State).

Dad came back at her ninth month to await my birth, so he could take us to Kano with him. The ninth month passed with no sign of me coming out, finally in the 10th month on the 20th of Febraury 1997 it happened, on a hot shinning afternoon by 2pm she birthed me. I was named VICTORIA (i.e OVERCOMER) because I came forth after the death of two others. I was also given a native name IGELLE which means (REJOICE) -in honor of my paternal grandmother. While my surname EJEH means (LION) in UFIA.

0ne year snap! 😍

Barely after my birth, dad refused to stay any longer in the village as he had exceeded the time planned in staying hence he proposed leaving mom and I behind to join him later when it would have been safe to travel with me as per infant, but mom refused adamantly and insisted we all left together . We travelled to Kano with the train instead of the bus to avoid been exposed to strong wind because I was only 8days old.

2 weeks after my birth I came down with a serious case of DYSENTHERY ( JEDIJEDI). Fortunately, a Yoruba woman who is vast in herbal medicine that lives in our neighborhood quickly placed me under a herbal treatment. She assured my parents not to panic that I’ll be fine as I was a blessed child who will put smiles on their faces.

For the next 1 year and 6 months, I was placed on this herbal medicine. Also, at the early age of 7 months I started walking. My baby food when crying as a child to keep me shut was fried FISH, which mom must have with her at all times if she doesn’t want me to trouble her and I also despised EGG saying the yoke is shit. Lol

Since that sickness, I never fell ill again nor imagine going for checkup at the hospital. (which eventually I must, ofcourse!)

In Kano life struggles continued, with my folks, my elder brother (the first child before the deceased ones) and I. When the riots which disrupted the peaceful living in Kano erupted, in 1999, 2000 and in 2002. Rendered mom and majority of non- muslims to run into the barracks for safety, while dad was often away on his bush trips.

My immediate sister and I

In 2002, mom had her last child and developed high typhoid fever which took a worse hold on her. She decided she couldn’t cope anymore in Kano and asked my dad to relocate us to the village where she would have peace of mind in her father’s land, since my dad was most times away. Dad then….

To be continued tomorrow…



  1. The whole story already, You got me feeling like I’m watching a series written by George R R Martin. Lol. You actually don’t like eggggggg?

    • Lol…..that was my attitude as a child not now ooo, I eat egg now

  2. Lovely story, I really enjoyed it. Happy birthday dear.

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  3. Awwwn…what a touching story dear…plz notify me for the rest of the story…happy bdae

    • Thanks darling, I will do just that or you can simply subscribe through email to get notified.

  4. That a lovely write-up. You indeed a blessed child and happy birthday to you

    • Thanks Henry.. hope to have you back to continue with the series

  5. Behind evey beautiful smile there is a story to tell…I enjoyed yours baby..
    I will love to finish it tomorrow lol

  6. Very interesting…..
    Hope NollyWood see this, would make an interesting play script for them…
    (Hand of Midas

  7. This is awesome.. I was inspired and also challenged by your short and brief life story…. Hoping to have you do same for me too on my birthday which is already at the corner. 16th March

    • Alright…it will be awesome sharing in your experience. Do come back to complete the series, it’s not the end😍

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