The Legend Of Veena- Chapter Five


In Jss3, after writing Junior waec I gave my aunt a call in Lagos telling her I want to come and spend my 3 months holiday there. Atleast let me experience the life outside the village like my friends do, which she agreed and that was how I knew Lagos for the first time. Fortunately for me, my aunt’s neighbor who came to the village for a burial around that period and was returning back to Lagos so I was made to travel with her as I was a minor and could not go on my own.

We arrived Lagos late at night; Reaching Lagos,I met my aunt and her family and new people around. Most times I stayed home and at other times I helped my aunt at the shop where she sells, attended church with them and that was how I started going to RCCG. It was during this my visit to Lagos that I got my ears pierced with earring through the help of my friend, Bawayse (a TIV girl). As a Deeper Life member, my parents would not do so nor allow us wear trousers. I also got to wear my first trouser there too.

When I got back to the village, my parents asked me to remove the earrings and stop wearing them until I am no longer in their care. So I did as I was told and life continued till my SS1, where something happened which changed my health record (of having not visited the hospital) for life. I was sitting on my own after the morning devotion, when my dad asked myself and my younger sisters to go represent him at a relation’s wedding of which he had been invited to.

He had something important to do and it would not be right if no one from his family was present at the wedding, so that afternoon we prepared and made to leave for the wedding when he cautioned me to be back before 6pm so I can cook and I nodded my head in agreement. Getting to the venue, the reception just started, we stood as teenagers that we were and enjoyed the ceremony. Unfortunately for me the gift exchange time between the couple and the guest has not reached the time and we had an envelope from dad to present and also get gift.

As I was still contemplating on what to do, my mom passed by with her fellow women from the church fellowship they closed from and happily I quickly rushed to her and explained to her that the ceremony was not over yet and dad asked me to come home early so I will cook, so she should please help me and put the beans on fire and be cooking while my sister and I come back later. She agreed and left for home, after the ceremony we all went back home and met my doom….

To be continued tomorrow…….

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