The Legend Of Veena- Chapter Four


In 2008 when I was 11years old, one morning after devotion and our usual family discussion on how to handle house chores (i.e for some members to go to the farm while anyone can go to the stream to fetch water, do laundry and cook stays home), I stood up went for the broom, bent to pick it when mom called me .

“Vicky U’togo stain mmong! (Vicky your clothe is stained)I stood up startled for sometime wondering what she was talking about, she then called me to the room then she took a piece of clean wrapper held it in her hands and said to me, Vicky a’kpa ke uragwa (Vicky you are now a woman) and continued with the sex education.

She asked me to look at her very well as she demonstrated how to fold the clothe into a pad shape so I will wrap it well and be comfortable in it. I did as instructed using the piece of clothe as pad, as that’s the cheapest way to keep myself clean from getting stained. Because the 150 naira that I should have used in getting an always pad, would be used to get something else. So why waste it on something that is going to finish in few days?

Many dwell in ignorance not because they enjoy it but because their living cost have made them to economize their expenditures in everything they do. Imagine pad at 150 then and I was still economical to spend on it and now that the pad rate is in 350 naira? What happens to those in the rural areas who are still using the wraps?

I plead with whom ever is reading this and is in position to advocate for reduction in price on this goods, as it is an essential commodity so it can be afforded by even the lowliest ones in the society and also for those charity organizations to include such in their donation to villages to please do so!.

 New term, new school uniform, new sandal…Lol. 2008

Same year I graduated from primary school, wrote common entrance exam into the school of my choice “ RICHSTEVE COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE, UTONKON” to begin my Junior secondary school. At Richsteve, we usually have the school’s annual speech and prize giving day at the end of every third term. In those occasion I realized I could not participate in a debate neither in a quiz not because I could not memorize the words but because I had stage fright facing the crowd especially in the midst of guys, if I see them gathered in a particular area, I will change my route.

In Jss 2 we had new intakes, amongst them was two siblings a boy and a girl. The boy (EMMA) was in Jss 2A while the sister was in my class Jss2C. Being children who came from the city to the village with their parents, they were termed the ajeboters amongst us. I myself, I will just gosh over them and stare at them like they were demi gods.

In the second term tragedy befell our set we were told Emma had died suddenly without any illness, that shocked me and made me so afraid of life thinking why death happened to him at such young age. that at such a young age. That means I can die at any moment too without fulfilling any of my dreams, having children of my own and that motherhood feelings. During holidays my friends usually travel outside the village and that made me feel left out and I had a yearning to travel out too.

To be continued tomorrow…..

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