The legend of Veena- Chapter Seven


….. For work so I can work since that is what I want and I left to search for work. Luckily for me I got work that same day at Tantalizers, in Adeola Odeku. I worked in Tantalizers as the Cashier, worked Mondays to Saturdays, having only Sunday at home.

Snap after work

Prior to the Post UTME exam, the exam was called off, so admission began. With the sayings ‘’it is only if you know someone in UNN that your admission can be 100% assured, I went online to search for post on aspirants update, I got a contact from there he contacted another lady who is to process the admission but with money of cause.

To cut the story short, my 40 thousand went down the drain without any admission given to me.

My one and only prayer to God became for him to make way for me in any institution of his choice, I did not care as long as I am going to get into university.

My dad, whom also was worried at home for me, asked my credentials be sent to him so he can seek help from some delegates in University Of Abuja. Considering the merits we have from the Vice Chancellor’s Merit List, my documents were sent and luckily for me i got admission on the 27th December 2016.

Service at RCCG Peace Assembly, province 16, V.I, Lagos in 2016.

I had already gone back home to the village during the Christmas celebration period before I got my Christmas gift from Santa-clause (the admission).

7th January 2017, it was time for registration to begin and other necessary things. The financial problem came settling in; with no other option left dad had to sell his piece of land with the courage of me replacing the land in future as far as there is life. The land was sold to raise the money for my admission and other necessities.

We left for Abuja where he walked with me all through the stress of registration and made sure I settled in before going back to the village. After the registration process there was no money left for hostel fee, so I had to look for who will squat me.

Matriculation day 14th January 2017, Dad had gone back then…

That was how I got into a room in Girl’s old hostel in permanent site where I asked for someone to please squat me but all gave me excuses of squatting with one person or the other.

I started lectures with one pot, garri, local rice, red oil, a plate and spoon for my mouth alone and a small stove.

My first experience in the hall was frightening, as I entered through the front door into the lecture hall already filled with over 1000 population of 100 Level students. I got cold feet while walking with my heads down, still having not gotten over being shy of the crowd then.

Holiday time, I got in contact with my uncle (my mom’s cousin) who stays in Abuja and went over to his place for the holiday where I met my aunt, my uncle (Ms Rosemary Onya and Mr John Onya) and his son, Denis. I felt at home during my stay for the holiday and eventually the place became my second home where I stayed during holidays.

Hairstyle for resumption 😂

Resuming second semester, I made sure I raided my aunt’s wardrobe for new clothes I’ll go back with to school and my aunt never complained about it. I can say for a fact, they have been a blessing to me (my aunt and uncle).

I got to school and faced challenges upon challenges, hardship of not having any change (money wise) in…

Concluding chapter next…..