The Legend Of Veena- Chapter Six


I was sitting on the corridor and did not know when my dad came from the room behind me and knocked me off unconscious……

I woke up the next morning to see myself in the hospital with drip on, that was my first time in a hospital not to talk of receiving drip in my body. I opened my eyes to see my mom who was sitting beside me, gazing at my face. I asked her what I was doing there and she narrated to me how my dad hit me to an unconscious state and fled away from home with the fright of having killed his own child.

Also how my brother came home to the scene and raced after my dad with a cutlass but did not find him, so he came back and helped my mom and other neighbors take me to the hospital.

In SS2 first term, I needed to change my school because RICHSTEVE had no Mock exam center or WAEC and NECO center. Early second semester dad and I went to Otukpo, a neighboring town to look for admission. I got admission into SS2 in second term and continued my classes at ST. WILLIAMS COMPREHENSIVE SECONDARY SCHOOL, OTUKPO.

There I made friends who liked and hated me because of the attention I got from male friends and teachers, I also lived with my roommate Chioma whom we left RICHSTEVE together.We started Jss1 together from the same school and went ahead to the same school in otukpo.

Along side other students I met my ex Khalid in the same class with me, Khalid is a Muslim boy and had a friend called Andrew. Khalid had his eyes on me while other girls in the class had their eyes on him; there comes the twist of girls beefing me because of him. Fast forward to 2014, I wrote my WAEC and NECO and then headed back to the village to stay with my parents.

August 2014, I travelled back to my aunt’s place in Lagos to work so I can save money for school since I was not able to continue immediately. On reaching Lagos, plans changed and I started assisting my aunt in her shop at Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island. January 2015 I registered my first jamb with the money given to me by my aunt and sat for the exam early March in Epe. The experience I will never forget!

On getting to the D-day of the exams, I woke up around 5:30am to start preparation so I will beat the Lekki-Epe express traffic. I almost missed my exam because it started raining heavily and there was no bike on the road. I was drenched from head to toe by the time I got to the venue. The luck I had then was that my examination was afternoon paper and not morning paper, I sat for the exam, it was my first and a cbt exam. When the results came out, I did not get the cut-off mark, so I literally had to wait till 2016 session to write again.

 My aunt: Mrs Cecilia Okorie…..she is the younger sister to my dad.

The second time I registered early in Novermber to enable me get examination center within Victoria Island axis. So after the registration, I got a center in Lekki Phase 1 and wrote my exams. Again I still did not make it. That was on a Sunday morning, the result broke me down and I was in tears and could not go to church that morning. My aunt consoled me not to be bitter that God will do something, even if it is a Polytechnic I can go.

Two days within the week, my aunt told me to go and recheck my result that she heard they are adding marks to some candidates. I went to the café, lo and behold I was among the students 40marks was added to. So I became happy with the hope of gaining admission into my dream school (UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA).

1) Because the school is a federal institution and because it is in the Eastern part of Nigeria,
2) Because of my complexion most time I am mistaken to be an Igbo girl. So I desperately wanted to go to the east and learn their language. I made the school choice in my first exam and the second one too.

During that time, my aunt have been making so many complains back home to my parents of my misbehaviors with her especially at the shop. So June that year she gave me permission to go look….

To be continued tomorrow…..

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