The legend of Veena- chapter three


…….. inside the room through the window. She understood why I did that and came charging towards me doe a fight, fortunately for me I had my younger sister for support because Ruth was older than me.

A day I will never forget even though I may forget others; is the day I was sent to the market to get soup ingredients.

Oh that day remains fresh in my memories even till this moment…I got to the market and started buying the items needed, went to a woman’s table to buy onion ,salt and maggi .

Then a thought came to me to save 10 naira extra to get my favorite sweet that I like to take UZU, I do not know if you guys know it, it is made of ash clay and whatever they add to make it sweet (In English it is known as KAOLIN, used for making mixed mag for ulcer treatment).

I loved it so much that I was addicted to it I then picked the 10 naira maggi into my nylon bag, then submitted salt and onion to her notice, gave her 20 naira and made to leave when she called me back and asked me to bring out the maggi I stole inside my bag.

( Geez like that really happened to me..) I denied taking any maggi from her, so she collected the bag and brought out the maggi and boom I started crying without her touching me. With the innocence on my face she could not do anything but to let me go.

But trust me; any time I see that woman even till date, I still feel ashamed wondering if she still remembers the maggi event. Gosh, I wish I could take back the hands of time. I got home and never mentioned the incidence to anyone not till my writing it now that I am letting you all on it. Yes you! Do not tell my daddy…smiles

The home alone bred that I am, because even till today to my parents you are considered wayward to stay out till 6pm.

I usually had few friends and they were made in school, except for Ruth and Kosi whom I usually visit their house.

Kosi made my childhood interesting and fun with just the novels she supplied to me.

Kosi was like a library to me, where I returned and collect novels from her hand, at times she will be so pissed at my persistence of finishing the novel in 4-5 hours to return it quickly to her; that she had no excuses of refusing me because I usually return them.

That’s was the NANI BOI’s series….

Growing up, I had so many bad addiction which watching movie topped the chats.

I would go to the market leaving food on the fire at home then get engrossed on the road simply because I heard Nollywood movie playing.

I would peep through the window; that’s if the person doesn’t allow people in their sitting room but if they do, that is all. I would watch until my mom or brother would come and smack me on the back and quickly bring me back to reality.

In some cases I would stay until nepa takes the light and if its light in the night, I will get lost in fright of returning home to be beaten. Akpu really suffered in my hands…lol.

Yeah, akpu was like eba that I eat often now, my parent farm cassava where we harvest to make akpu. In all my flaws I was hardworking when working time comes and never shied away from it.

To be continued tomorrow…..

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