Sulaiman Rabiu, popularly known on campus as ‘Aluta Standard’ is the most talked about aspiring candidate of the 2019 ‘Uniabuja SUG Election’.

The incoming 400L student of the Statistics department University of Abuja, showed his capacities and capabilities right from his 100L days on campus amongst his fellow students and students who looks up to him.

By providing in his own little ways for those in need of lecture materials, water supply, light availability and many more.

He has also shown encouragement to struggling students and i’m a testimony of his good deeds.

The Kano indigene paid tribute to his mom of blessed memories on Facebook earlier on Thursday, which read as follows below,

May her soul continue to rest in peace, knowing fully well her son is doing her proud.

Congratulations Aluta Standard on your successful Industrial Training

Keep doing the good works!



  1. It is inspiring to see young adults doing well in order to achieve greatness….

  2. Sulaiman Rabiu Reply

    Thank You so much.
    I really appreciate your acknowledgement.
    It will makes me to do more by God grace

  3. Chrisjakes Reply

    A true leader he his truly, Tested and trusted. Through this very brother, I have come to realize the striking difference between leadership and management.
    Of resent in ( University of Abuja), There has been a huge explosion as regards the manner at which people ostentate and claim they fit perfectly into the shoe of a leader, It’s a pity only time tells what they could do.
    Standard with no doubt has gone far and beyond limits in extensively mobilising and influencing others both financially and other notable aspect of rendering services to accomplish life objectives and has well as directing many in several manners and ways which helps make their objectives more cohesive and coherent. He singlehandedly sponsor few project I couldn’t believe any sane student could do.
    Some view leadership as a series of specific traits or characteristics. Others see it as comprised of certain skills and knowledge. But I see leadership as a process.

    • It is inspiring to see young adults doing well in order to achieve greatness….

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